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19th century revival styles, Classicisme, Baroque, Gothic

RINGSTRASSE: Via Triumphalis of a unique city expansion scheme and World Cultural Heritage in danger

CLASSICISME & UTILITARISM: Temple of Theseus, Palace Gates, Albertina Palais, and functional buildings for the good of the people & for administration (former General Hospital, Mint, et al.)

ANTONIO CANOVA and Vienna: "Theseus and Centaur" in the Museum of Fine Arts, Temple of Theseus in the Volksgarten, Monument to Marie Christine in the Church of the Augustinian Friars

BAROQUE VIENNA - Vienna gloriosa
1: Baroque architecture in the historic centre
2: BELVEDERE - Prince Eugen's Baroque palace residence and its art treasures including works by Franz Xaver Messerschmidt, Jacques Louis David, and of course Gustav Klimt