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City quarters, urban areas: Karlsplatz, Gürtel, Donaukanal, ...

Stephansplatz - the area around St. Stephens's: Periphery of Roman Vienna, city centre from the Middle Ages to mid-19th century, reconstruction after World War II, Haas-Haus version III, contemporary top-floor additions

Textilviertel - a former Jewish quarter and center of textile & clothing makers and merchants turning into an emerging hotspot of design and furniture

Karlsplatz: From a landscape with river and church to "Kunstplatz-Karlsplatz"

Imperial Stables, Imperial Forum, MuseumsQuartierWien - Planning and reality from the early 18th century onwards

On the banks of the Donaukanal: Otto Wagner's former gallery rail track and the Kaiserbad lock - floating swimming baths & urban lidos - Twin City Liner station - new buildings by Zahha Hadid and Jean Nouvel

Gürtel boulevard from West end to Nord end: 19th century metropolitan railway viaduct, Otto Wagner's Stadtbahn stations, contemporary urban renewal (Main library, IP Two, Skyline & Skywalk Spittelau, ...)

"Wiental-Boulevard", from Karlsplatz to Schönbrunn Palace by underground (U4) - Otto Wagner's Stadtbahn pavilions, residential buildings by Wagner and Plečnik, Railroaders' Insurance building and Vorwärts publishing & printing company by Hubert and Franz Gessner, ...

Donau-City: a new quarter on the left banks of the Danube