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Tours / Survey excursions

Urban expansion from a bird's-eye view: Vienna's stages of growth seen from St. Stephen's high tower

Urban expansion tour: From Roman Vienna to Donau-City on the left banks of the Danube

Downtown Vienna at first glance: Cultural and historic landmarks inside the Ringstrasse area

150 years of DESIGN highlighting Thonet's chairs, Otto Wagner's hot air blowers (1906), Kniže by Adolf Loos (1913), Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky's Frankfurt Kitchen (1926), Altmann & Kühne by Josef Hoffmann and Oswald Haerdtl (1932), Oswald Haerdtl's Museum on Karlsplatz (1959), Retti (1965) and Lichtforum (1996) by Hans Hollein, Manner shop by BEHF (2004), Bakery Gragger & Cie by Jürgen Radatz (2010)