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Tours / RINGSTRASSE: 19th century city expansion scheme and Via Triumphalis

In 1857 emperor Franz Joseph orders the demolition of the fortifications encircling the city centre and the layout of new quarters on either side of a boulevard in their stead. In 1858 the demolition of the walls starts and an international urban development competition is held. In 1859 a basic design plan is approved by the emperor, in the early 1860ies building starts. In 1865 the new Via Triumphalis of Vienna is formally opened by the emperor on the 1st of May - though it is partly a construction site without pavement.

This walking tour explores the Ring Boulevard in chronological order, starting at Opernring: The very well known palaces for culture, administration and education like Hofburg, City Hall or the Museum of Fine Arts and the palace like apartment houses in between. Post war reconstruction and replacement as well as recent projects will be discussed.

Designed for a length of 2 or 3 hours. Extended versions are tailored to individual needs.