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Dates & Info

Dr. Christa Veigl
Stadtforschung & Architekturführungen Wien

Please let me know your date and program preferences
by mail: c.veigl@aon.at
or by phone (+43) 02244-4391, (+43) 0676-393 31 56.

If you didn't find a fitting program in the menu, please ask for alternative tours.

Most programs listed in the Tours menu are designed for a length of about 3 hours, some of them are adaptable for 1 1/2 or 2 hours. The programs or parts of them can be combined to form half-day and full-day excursions.

School excursions and tours for students will be tailored to individual needs.

The fee for guiding depends on the number of participants and on the length of the tours. Details on request.

Guiding in English or German.

Tours in the old town and in particular city quarters are recommended by walking only, tours across Vienna by public transport. In some cases it is more efficient to rent a bus or taxi.